Pool DB board

Pool DB board

Product Description

This swimming pool DB box safely divides the electrical power from the mains into subsidiary circuits, which gives you more control over your pool's electrical systems. Additionally, the built-in 220V/12V transformer available in either 100/125 Watt or 300W, will scale the power to the needs of most systems. A pool DB board is essential to the prolonged functioning of your pool’s electrical components, and it gives you control over each individual system.

Subsidiary circuits

The subsidiary circuits of this pool DB board will give you control over the individual electrical systems of your pool. With three circuits you have a separate switch for each component like the pump, light, etc. So you can run what you need when you need it and not unnecessarily waste electricity.

Circuit breaker

This pool DB board has circuit breakers on each of its subsidiary circuits. These circuit breakers are designed to protect each circuit from damage caused by an overcurrent or short circuit. Therefore it will help to protect your components and prevent fires or harm being done to persons or property. Giving you peace of mind that your pool's electrical systems are safe.

Built-in timer

The built-in timer on this pool DB board allows you to set the runtime of your system. This provides you with easy control of your system without the need to manually flip a switch. Ensuring that your system runs normally even when you’re away from home.

Weatherproof housing

This swimming pool DB box has an aesthetically pleasing weatherproof housing that protects the circuitry from the elements. While also giving you full control of your system in one convenient enclosure that won’t disrupt the aesthetic of your pool area.

If it is in your best interests in operating your pool’s electrical systems while remaining safe we suggest you click the link below to purchase a Pool DB Board :


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