Swimming that is using a pool weir cover on the right side of the pool

Pool Weir Cover

Product Description

The weir is the suction point where water is removed from the pool and it is an important part of the swimming pool system. Located on the side of the pool at the point of suction for your system. The weir maintains the vacuum of the pump, decreases strain on the filter, and prevents debris from floating back into the pool.

With so many benefits it is important to ensure you have the right pool weir cover to preserve its vacuum seal. This is a sturdy plastic pool weir vacuum lid designed for the Quality brand weir. That will preserve the vacuum within the weir ensuring its effective operation.

Sturdy plastic

This pool weir lid is made of sturdy plastic which reduces the chances of cracking or other breakages. This preserves the effectiveness of your filters and weir as cracks allow air into the suction line. This causes air bubbles at the water outlet and can be one cause of so-called “suction leaks.”

Maintains weirs effectiveness

While a pool weir is not something your swimming pool must have. A weir is a great way to improve the overall water quality in your pool, by preventing debris from flowing back into the pool when the pump is off. This improved water quality relies on the integrity of the vacuum within the weir. This pool weir vacuum lid is what maintains that vacuum seal and allows the weir to operate effectively. Helping to keep your pool water in perfect condition.


It is important that you get the correct size pool weir vacuum lid for your weir. As incorrect sizes can cause it to become stuck. Should your pool weir cover become stuck, ensure the pump is off, and then lightly tap it. This can break the vacuum allowing you to remove it. Should that prove ineffective, use a pair of water pump pliers to grip the hole and turn it counterclockwise. It is best to turn it carefully to ensure you do not break it.

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