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Activator D - Treatment for 50000 Litre swimming pool water

Activator D - Treatment for 50000 Litre swimming pool water

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When can I expect delivery?

Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng: 7 Days Other areas: 9 Days Sorry, no delivery to outlying areas and farms.

Normal dosage:

The product comes in two bottles - a powder and a liquid - totaling 850 grams.  We call this a "pack" and is enough to treat 50 000 Liter swimming pool water for one month.

For severe green pools:

Use double the normal dosage, i.e. 2 packs for 50 000 Litre water as an initial treatment. Continue thereafter with the normal dosage.

Activator D does kill bacteria to a certain extent, and under normal conditions. Activator D is sufficient for cleansing the water in your home at pool and algae free. 

Unlike some other products which are on the market, Activator D will not react with other chemicals in your pool, so you can use it immediately.

And, yes you can even add it to the water while people are swimming!

Can HTH or chlorine be added?

Yes, we recommend that 1 to 3 cups of HTH is added weekly for every 50 000L of water. 

Mix well and brush:

Is is recommended that you brush the pool well after pouring the contents into the weir as per the instructions on the bottle.

The brush is required to ensure the two bottles of chemicals dissolve and react fast to clear water.


Brushing after adding Activator D is required to ensure the chemicals dissolve completely in order to prevent the risk of stains.

 Save money in Winter:

When the water temperature is below 13 Degrees Celsius and nobody swim, dosing of Activator D can be stopped and dosing of chlorine can lowered. 

10 Packs of Activator D equals a year's supply if your pool is looked after and the pump system works well.


6098402826889 for Swemgat's popular 4 pack


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