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Material Kit: Fibreglass lining for 4m x 8m concrete swimming pools (upto 65m2)

Material Kit: Fibreglass lining for 4m x 8m concrete swimming pools (upto 65m2)

Resin for fibreglass swimming pool linings (Options:)
Top Coat for fibreglass swimming pool linings (Options:)
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When can I expect delivery?

Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng: 10 Days | Other areas: 12 Days | Sorry, no delivery to outlying areas and farms.

Interior surface area or size of swimming pool:

  • Upto 65 square meter
  • That is a 4m x 8m pool with a depth of 1.4m
  • Or a 3m x 10m pool with a depth of 1.4m
  • Or a 4m x 7m pool with a depth of 1.5m

Overview of fibreglass pool lining or re-lining:

Click here for an overview the installation process of fibreglass swimming pool linings.

Contents of the kit:

The fibreglass materials, resin, top coat and consumables should of the kit should be enough in most cases for lining of swimming pools up to 65 m2 (square meter).

    • Fibreglass Mat
    • Surface Tissue
    • Top Coat
    • Resin
    • Catalyst Hardener
    • Fibreglass putty powder
    • Acetone
    • Rollers, paint brushes etc
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    Materials required for pattern on waterline and steps:

    1. Fibreglass tissue sheets with a mosaic-pattern on the waterline to hide scum-marks and to make underwater steps visible
    2. Clear Top Coat mixed with Catalyst to "glue and seal" the tissue sheets

    Other materials or tools that may be required:

    1. Other pictures and/or motifs are optional
    2. A paint & resin mixer to use with a drilling machince is good to ensure proper mixing
    3. Masking Tape
    4. P36 sanding disc and paper
    5. Rigid Sanding Disc C16


    •  Add catalyst hardener to all top coats and resins (otherwise it will not cure and harden). Mix with Resin or Top Coat to a ratio of 1% to 3% per volume. Thus, mix 10ml catalyst in hot weather to 30ml in cold weather per 1L Top Coat or Resin to activate hardening process.
    • Fibreglass putty powder should be mixed with resin and catalyst to fill gaps and cut-ins where mat will be tucked in under coping tile; around the weir and inlet-spouts

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