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Resin for fibreglass swimming pool linings

Resin for fibreglass swimming pool linings

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Click here for a overview of the installation process of fibreglass swimming pool linings.

Resin is a synthetic compound which begins in a highly viscous state and hardens when catalyst hardener is added.


  • 25kg resin covers an area of about 31 square metres.


  • We recommend use of white resin if the pool will be finished with blue or white Top Coat, i.e. final coat is white or blue.
  • Use of clear resin is recommend for swimming pool linings that will be finished with charcoal Top Coat

Fibreglass pool linings are considered the best type of swimming pool lining on the market. This is because they are low maintenance, have smooth surfaces, and they work with salt chlorinators. With so many great features it is easy to see why fibreglass pool linings are preferred and to make a fibreglass pool lining you need a fibreglass resin like this one.

Fibreglass resin is a synthetic material made by combining alcohol and organic acids. It begins in a viscous state and then hardens once the catalyst is added. Fibreglass resin has excellent adhesive properties, and they are used in construction, auto repairs, and of course for swimming pool linings. Fibreglass resin is a fantastic material that gives you peace of mind when it comes to your pool lining.

Fibreglass resin is not to be confused with epoxy resin which is mainly made from the reaction between epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A. Fibreglass resin is also stronger than epoxy resin, as it is more durable, more resistant to chipping and cracking, and can tolerate adverse environments much better. This is why fibreglass resin remains the preferred choice for pool linings, as it must endure constant submerging in water and UV exposure.

It is important to note that fibreglass resin cannot be used on its own. Fibreglass resin acts as the bonding agent for the fibreglass cloth or mats, and its strength is primarily derived from the cloth. The resin on its own will create a shiny brittle surface, that breaks at the slightest touch.

If you are installing your own fibreglass pool lining be sure to consult our overview of the process here. Alternatively, speak to one of our pool specialists, as they can give you professional advice regarding your swimming pool needs.

Varieties available

This fibreglass resin is available in cream white or as a clear resin. It is recommended that you use white resin if the pool will be finished with a blue or white Top Coat (final coat). However, if the pool will be finished with a charcoal Top Coat then clear resin is recommended. If you are unsure which resin to use for your pool don’t hesitate to contact one of our pool specialists, who will gladly help you find the right one for your needs.

Sizes available

Both the cream white and clear resin are available in either a 25kg or a 5kg size. As a guideline 25kg of resin covers an approximate area of 31m². This is a guideline and can vary depending on how thickly the fibreglass resin is applied.

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