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Africhem Stabilised Chlorine Pills

Africhem Stabilised Chlorine Pills

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Africhem slow releasing chlorine pills is good way to maintain swimming pool Free Chlorine levels within the ideal range of 1 to 3 parts per million (ppm)
  • Trichlor contains more than 90% active chlorine making it one of the most focused types of chlorine-products to sanitise swimming pool water


Refer to packaging label on bottles or better even, test the water weekly using pool test strips and add more chlorine or reduce dosage as needed.

  • Maintain a level of Free Chlorine between 1 to 3 ppm (parts per million) for swimming pools
  • For spas or pools with a volume of less than 3000 Liter a Free Chlorine level of 3 to 5 ppm is recommended to keep water healthy and hygienic for swimmers 

During 9 warmest months of the year in South Africa - i.e. Swimming Season

  • 1 to 3 Tablets per week for a 50 000L pool depending on the amount of swimming activity, water and weather conditions

Winter / Cold Weather (3 months of the year)

  • Nil to 1 Tablets for a 50 000L pool per week for most outdoor pools

Practical tips to keep swimming pool water healthy:

  • Obviously sufficient water circulation and filtration is also required to ensure crystal clear water.
  • Chlorine work most effective when the water's pH is around 7.2 and the the TA (Total Alkalinity) is kept between 80ppm  and 120ppm
  • If your pool water is smelly or the water colour is milky, dark green, neon green, black, yellow or not 100% crystal clear - Whatsapp Us for professional advice.
  • Trichlor is very acid with a pH near 3 and use of the product will necessitate adjustment upwards of the Total Alkalinity and/or pH. Use of Africhem Boost & Buffer is recommend
  • To "chlorine shock treat" your pool weekly during the swimming season - use HTH or Africhem granular chlorine

Facts & Know-how:

  • Weather, rain and the source of fresh water influence water and therefore regular testing of pool water is essential to ensure accurate dosing of chemicals.
  • Yes, you and your gardener can be trained to DIY - just ask us!!!
  • What is meant by "stabilised" chlorine? It means the chlorine have a build-in sun protection.
  • But too much or too little of a good thing is also not good. We recommend to adjust Chlorine Protector levels in September. The ideal level for Cyanuric acid is 30 to 50 ppm ....and have NOTHING TO DO WITH pool acid or pH. Use Africhem Chlorine Protector to increase the level and add more fresh water to reduce it and obviously stop using "stabilised chlorine products for a while. 
  • Yes, unfortunately sunlight also breaks chlorine down and is chlorine's enemy therefore we constantly need to add fresh chlorine to pool water


  • 8 x 200g Trichlor pills - 1,6kg
  • Or larger bulk containers


Question:  What is the alternative to dosing a swimming pool with chlorine?

Answer: Consider installation of a chlorinator which is a machine making chlorine.




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