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Energy Saving Pool pump - Baracuda Titan2 Single Speed

Energy Saving Pool pump - Baracuda Titan2 Single Speed

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The Baracuda Titan2 Single Speed pool pump has been designed to reduce electricity consumption features a 0.75kW motor with IE2 efficiency. This means it can save up to 20% on electricity costs, which is a great advantage for pool owners.

Noise levels below 55 dB makes is really a quiet running pool pump

Key features and benefits:

High efficiency IE2 electrical motor
Peak flow rates at lower energy consumption
Save on your electricity bill


For re
sidential swimming pools and spas only

In-ground pools
Above ground pools
Leisure spas
Solar pool heating
Water features

Reasons to choose the
Baracuda Titan2 Single Speed pump:

High flow rates
Electricity savings
Easy to operate
Large pump basket
Easy opening screw lid
Supplied with unions
3/4" 6-bar ceramic shaft seal


3 Years subject to manufacturer's terms and conditions


EXAMPLE of pool pump cost saving:

Let us assume*

  • The average input power of the old pump is 1120 Watt
  • The output power rating of the old pump was also 0.75kW or 750 Watt (1hp)
  • The pump's running time is 8 hours per day
  • And consumes 16%  more electricity than the Baracuda Titan2 SS
  • Your electricity tariff is R2.88 per unit or kWh (kilowatt hour)

Then, do the math:  365 Days x 1.120 kilo watt x 8 Hours x 0.16 Electricity Saving x 2.88 tariff

Equals a saving of R1507 per year on electricity cost

* We are awaiting more information from the manufacturer to confirm the accuracy of our assumptions and calculations

Manufacturer's 36 month carry-in warranty

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