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Pool pump - Baracuda Titan2 ECO Variable 3 Speed

Pool pump - Baracuda Titan2 ECO Variable 3 Speed

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The Baracuda Titan 2 ECO VS (Variable 3 Speed) swimming pool pump was developed with the primary objective to save the consumers money on electricity by using an adjustable variable speed motor.

  • Suitable for pools up to 50 000 Liters

This new user friendly programmable variable speed
electrical motor consumes far less electricity at lower speeds when compared to single speed swimming pool pumps.

The Titan 2 ECO VS swimming pool pump is designed, tested and manufactured in South Africa, for Southern African conditions, using modern production methods and extensive quality assurance.

*** The pump is equipped with a thermal overload protection.
If overload occurs during operation, the built in overload
protection automatically deactivates the pump. The pump will
switch on automatically after a cooling period of approximately
20 (twenty) minutes. Ensure the cause of the overload is identified
and addressed . If the pump remains on a continuous locked
situation causing thermal overload, the motor may eventually
damage and burn out.

Key benefits:

• Adjustable variable speed drive motor
• Programmable 3-setting motor controller: LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH
• Save on your electricity bill


For residential swimming pools and spas only.

• In-ground pools
• Above ground pools
• Leisure spas
• Solar pool heating
• Water features

Other features:

• Easy to adjust controller
• Large pump basket
• Easy opening screw lid
• Supplied with unions
• 3/4” 6-bar ceramic shaft seal

Pool pump - Baracuda Titan2 Single Speed 0.75kW

EXAMPLE of variable speed pool pump cost saving

Let us assume*

  • The average input power of the old pump is 1120 Watt
  • The pump's running time is 8 hours per day
  • The pump speed are adjusted to (LOW Setting) and consume an average of 560 Watt
  • Your electricity tariff is R2.88 per unit or kWh (kilowatt hour)

Then, do the math:  365 Days x (1.120-0.560) kilo watt Electricity Saving x 8 Hours x 2.88 tariff

Equals a saving of R4709 per year on electricity cost


Manufacturer's 36 month carry-in warranty

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