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The 7 Best Pool Pump Covers in 2022

Why You Need a Pool Pump Cover

If you are like most pool owners, one of the most common issues you are bound to tackle is hiding your pool pump. There are actually a few more reasons that we will discuss, as to why hiding your pool pump is not necessarily the only advantage of getting a pool pump cover. Firstly, pump covers to protect the internal components from freezing, in extremely cold areas of South Africa, by providing sufficient air around the pump. A pump cover is just as beneficial when it comes to shielding the pump from undesired weather conditions like rain. Secondly, pool pump covers and enclosures will reduce pool pump motor noise and spare you your sanity.

Different Types of Pool Pump Covers


A popular choice among manufacturers when it comes to pool pump covers is polypropylene. This is an amazingly hard-wearing plastic with an average expected lifespan of 15 years. It is malleable enough to be shaped into organic, natural-looking rocks that will not ruin the lovely natural aesthetic of your garden.

If you would rather go for a simple geometric look, a faux brick finish, or rocks in various shapes and colours, durable plastic won’t disappoint you either. 

Top 4 Recommended Plastic Pool Pump Covers: 

Plastic Protective Housing | Filter box for Swimming Pool Pump Systems or Generators

Filter box Rock plastic cover - Rectangular

Plastic Housing | Filter box For Swimming Pool Pump System

Filter box Rock plastic cover - "Almost" Square

An item usually purchased with the above-listed pool pump covers: 

Motor Kennel Plastic


Fibreglass (glass fibre) is a fortified plastic material, made up of a woven material that is embedded with glass fibres. These fibres are laid across each other randomly and held together with a binding substance. Combined with resin, fibreglass can form an extremely strong and durable compound. Fibreglass pool pump covers also have the advantage of being available in a mix of shapes, colours and sizes, but have a slightly shorter lifespan compared to plastic pool pump covers. Fibreglass pool pump covers have an estimated average lifespan of 10 years.

Top 3 Recommended Fibreglass Pool Pump Covers:

Filter box Rock fibreglass

Pump box fibreglass railway sleeper

Filter box Fibreglass Cladded

DIY Pool Pump Covers

It is not uncommon for people to opt for this option. If you consider yourself even remotely handy with the tools, and you are willing to do some research, then you are able to build yourself a pool pump cover. A popular choice is to make your DIY pool pump cover out of hard-wearing wood or create a brick-and-mortar structure. 

A simple way to hide your pool pump is by building a small wall or screen to block the view and the noise of the pump. If you are skilled with wood, you can even set up a pool filter screen for yourself. If the woodwork is not for you, you can buy vinyl privacy walls at most home stores and garden centres.

A useful piece of advice, incorporate soundproofing material, like fiberboard or soundboard; wood is not the optimal material if your aim is to deaden the sound. Evidently, you would also want to make sure that there is enough airflow around your pool pump for ventilating the heat.

If you decide on a DIY pool pump cover, just ensure that there is sufficient flow of air and that the cover is weather-proof. 

People also ask:

Should you cover your pool pump?

YES! You need to cover your pool pump. It does not even have to be a tedious and wallet-straining venture. If you do not have the means to afford a proper pool pump cover, build one yourself, do some research and use suitable materials. Otherwise, there is a great variety of different types of pool pump covers on the market. 

How do I protect my pool pump from the sun?

Yet another reason why it is important to cover your pool pump motor, is to protect it from extreme heat and harsh sunlight. Harsh sunlight will ultimately shorten your pump’s lifespan. Protection against sunlight is one of the main reasons why having a pool pump cover is crucial. 

Can you put a cover on the pool pump with it running?

Yes, it is safe to put a cover on the pool pump with it running. As long as the cover does not block an inlet, there is no other reason that would prevent you from running the pump while putting a pump cover on it.

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