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Ultra Zap Professional Marine UV Clarifier for salt or fresh water

Ultra Zap Professional Marine UV Clarifier for salt or fresh water

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When can I expect delivery?

Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng: 10 Days | Other areas: 12 Days | Sorry, no delivery to outlying areas and farms.

Professional Marine UV Clarfiers are used for aquarium, marine, salt water applications.  It sterilizes water killing bacteria and viruses.

Is water treated with UV light safe?

Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purification is a proven technology that uses UV light to kill 99.99% of harmful microorganisms in water. UV water filtration is a safe, chemical-free way to treat water.


  • Aquariums (fresh or salt water)
  • Food production plants, including hydroponic and aquaponic farms

The fish size and weight in the pond should be taken into account when making your decision which UV light to purchase. A bank of UV’s either in series or parallel can be installed on larger ponds.

What size Pond UV Clarifier should I use?

  • 8 Watt for up to 6 000L pond water
  • 15 Watt for up to 12 000L pond water
  • 30 Watt for up to 30 000L pond water
  • 55 Watt for up to 50 000L pond water

Maximum flow rates:

Slow but sufficient flow rates ensure enough contact time of the water when passing through the UV light chamber, therefore the following maximum flow rates are specified. 

  • 40 Liter per minute for the 8 Watt UV Clarifier
  • 60 Liter per minute for the 15 Watt UV Clarifier
  • 140 Liter per minute for the 30 Watt UV Clarifier
  • 300 Liter per minute for the 55 Watt UV Clarifier

Installer's tip: To reduce flow on the UV light, simply insert a bypass line with a T-off line to divide water flows and control the rate with a ball valve and rejoin the main line again after the UV Light.

Other specifications

  • Maximum flow rate of 40 L/Min and up to 3 Bar pressure (use a bypass-pipe to reduce and control flow rates if high flow pumps are used)

  • The globes / lamps of the Proffessional Marine UV Clarifiers is protected from the aggressive saltwater by means of Quartz Sleeve in which the lamp-tubes fit.

Fish ponds, tanks, aquaponic systems or hydroponic systems with green algae is unpleasant and makes it hard to maintain. Green algae build up also runs the risk of starving the fish and plants of the required oxygen.

UV treatment of water is better that using algaecides and a more natural way to keep algae under control. 

PVC pipe connection size:

  • 50mm Inlet & Outlet


  • Remove and wipe UV clarifier globes clean whenever water quality deteriorates
  • UV light that run 24 hours a day, require replacement about every 9 to 12 months to ensure optimal performance in fish ponds

Approximate dimension:

  • 8 Watt: 340mm long x 90mm diameter UV light chamber
  • 15 Watt: 470mm long x 90mm diameter UV light chamber
  • 30 Watt: 940mm long x 90mm diameter UV light chamber
  • 55 Watt: 940mm long x 90mm diameter UV light chamber

Carry-in warranty

  • 7 Day working-warranty on globe
  • 1 Year on other parts




Manufacturer's 12 month carry-in warranty

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