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Sun Command Solar Panel

Sun Command Solar Panel

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When can I expect delivery?

Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng: 7 Days | Other areas: 9 Days | Sorry, no delivery to outlying areas and farms.

What is included?

  • The solar panel only

installation diagram for solar heating

Conditional carry-in warranty: 5 years
1.Subject to use of a backing sheet
2.Installation done insuring the panels drain all water when pump is not working

A heated pool is a luxury that allows you to enjoy a relaxing swim no matter the weather or season. Therefore, it allows you to get the maximum benefit and usage out of your pool. 

There is a variety of swimming pool heating options, however, the best way is through solar panels. This solar panel for pool heating uses the natural power of the sun to heat your swimming pool. Allowing you to enjoy your pool with friends or family all year round.

Why use solar?

There are a number of benefits to using a solar panel for pool heating. These include the following:


A solar panel for pool heating is by far the most eco-friendly method to heat your pool. As they don’t depend on the electricity grid to heat the water. Instead, they use the natural energy and heat supplied by the sun, minimising their impact on the environment. With rising concerns about climate change, these solar panels for pool heating are the obvious ethical choice.


A solar panel for pool heating is also the most economical method of heating your pool. Despite the initial setup cost, which can be pricey, the operating cost is minimal. Again this is because they use the energy from the sun, so the running cost is only to run your pool pump, which would run regardless. Therefore, these solar panels are the most economical way to extend your swimming season.

How does it work?

A solar panel for pool heating works by connecting to your existing filter system. The solar panels are mounted onto the roof of your home, or other structure close to the pool. The pipes are then connected to the filter’s outlet pipe. Allowing the filtered water to be pumped up to the solar panels, where the water absorbs the heat. The water then flows down from the panels and back into the swimming pool. Additionally, these systems will also use a bypass valve which allows you to bypass the solar panels at night or whenever you don’t need the pool heated. Giving you complete control over the heating of your swimming pool, with a setup that won’t compromise your poolside aesthetic.

How many panels does my pool need?

The Sun command solar panel for pool heating comes in a variety of sizes. These include 3mx1.25m, 2.5mx1.25m, and 2mx1.25m sizes. This variety allows you to get a solar panel to fit the space you have available. 

However, it can make it difficult to know how many panels you will need for your pool. As a rough guideline, it is recommended that you use at least 1 of the 3mx1.25m panels per 4m² of pool surface area. To calculate the surface area of your pool, you multiply its length in metres by its width in metres. 

This is a rough guideline and is dependent on other environmental factors, like shading, and whether you use a cover. That is why it is advised to contact a pool specialist who can advise you on the right solar panel for your needs.

5-Year conditional carry-in warranty

The Sun Command solar panel for pool heating comes with a 5-year conditional carry-in warranty. This is subject to the use of a backing sheet for the panels, and they are installed in such a way that the panels drain all water when the pump is not working. This is another reason why it is important to consult a pool specialist, to ensure your panels are correctly installed. That way you can have peace of mind that your solar panel for pool heating is covered by its warranty.




Manufacturer's 5 year carry-in warranty

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