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Zodiac VX55 Robotic Swimming Pool cleaner with transport trolley |

Zodiac VX55 Robotic Swimming Pool cleaner with transport trolley |

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Made to Order: 6 Weeks


• For in-ground pools, all surfaces and shapes.

• Supplied with 21m cable, suitable for pools up to 15m x 7m maximum


• Picks up large debris such as gum nuts, small twigs, eucalyptus leaves.

• Picks up fine debris such as Sand and Algae  larger than 200 microns.



Waterproof kinetic remote with built-in motion sensors

The remote lets you drive the cleaner to where you want it, or have fun.

If you drop it no worries it is waterproof.

Extra large suction mouth and brushes

It has a large opening underneath to adapt to all kind of debris for deep cleaning of floors and walls.

Intelligent cleaning path

Vortex technology provides powerful and constant cyclonic suction to allow to capture large debris as gum nuts,twigs&eucalyptus leaves while not losing suction power even when the canister is full.

Intelligent cleaning path

Auto steering correction coupled with Zodiac's Active Motion sensor technology allows the cleaner to manoeuvre itself around the pool ensuring it provides a thorough clean at the floors walls and waterline


Large canister with full canister indicator

Never touch debris again with this easy clean and remove of debris with no fuss

The Zodiac VX55 robotic pool cleaner is the future of swimming pool cleaning. This state-of-the-art device is designed to efficiently clean your pool while making it as convenient as possible for you. This robotic pool cleaner has many features that provide exceptional cleaning of your pool floor, walls, and waterline with minimal effort for you. It truly ushers in the future of robots making our daily lives easier.

Vortex vacuum technology

This Zodia robotic pool cleaner uses patented Vortex vacuum technology, which provides it with cyclonic suction-power, that is strong and constant. This coupled with the extra-large suction mouth lined with brushes makes this device exceptionally efficient at cleaning your pool. It is capable of picking up both large debris, like small twigs and leaves, and fine debris like sand and algae larger than 200microns. The Zodiac VX55 truly is the easiest and most efficient way to remove debris from your pool.

ActivMotion sensor

This robotic pool cleaner is equipped with an ActivMotion sensor, that allows it to know where it is in the pool. It then uses inbuilt intelligence to plot an optimised cleaning route that reduces cord tangling. The Zodiac VX55 is a truly smart device that handles its own thinking. Allowing you to focus on the important things, without worrying about the cleanness of your pool.

Waterproof remote

The Zodiac VX55 come with a kinetic remote that is buoyant and waterproof for safety. This highly responsive remote allows you to take control of the device to guide it to any areas it may have missed. Additionally, it allows you to guide it to the edge to take it out, or just take it for a spin to show off your robotic pool cleaner to your friends. This gives you complete control of the cleaner, and you can have some fun with your very own underwater R/C robot that cleans while you play.

4-Wheel-Drive (4WD)

The Zodiac VX55 robotic pool cleaner is equipped with 4WD. This ensures that the cleaner can reach every area of your pool, no matter the obstacles. Allowing the cleaner to get up the stairs and provide a thorough cleaning of your pool's floor, walls, and waterline. Ensuring every corner of your pool is clean and ready for your next pool party.


This robotic pool cleaner has an electronic control box (eBox) that provides easy control of the cleaner. Allowing you to program the cleaner to run daily for up to seven days. This is perfect for if you go on holiday and want to come home to a nice clean pool. The eBox also notifies you when the filter canister is full. The eBox gives you complete control and device status information at the push of a button.

Easy lift system and trolley

The Zodiac VX55 has a patented lift system that can be activated from the control box. This system allows the robotic pool cleaner to drain water from the exhaust on the rear. This makes removal of the robotic pool cleaner lightweight and easy enough that anyone can do it. 

This robotic pool cleaner also comes with a trolley for easy transport, and convenient storage when not in use. So transporting the device to and from the pool is as easy as possible for you, and it can be stored in minimal spaces.

Large convenient filter canister

This robotic pool cleaner is independent of your filters and pump. The collected debris is stored in its large easy-to-clean filter canister. This canister has a hygienic design that is easy to access. Allowing you to remove the debris in a matter of minutes without you having to touch any of the debris. Therefore, the Zodiac VX55 lets you keep your pool clean without getting your hands dirty.

21m swivel cable

The Zodiac VX55 come with a 21m swivel cable, which is suitable for pools up to 15m by 7m. The cable of this robotic pool cleaner floats and has tangling-resistant technology. This ensures the cleaner runs smoothly and won't get tangled, giving you peace of mind.

Energy efficient

This robotic pool cleaner is exceptionally energy efficient. Using only 150 Watts per hour, which is less than an LCD TV. Therefore, you can keep your pool clean, without your electricity bill becoming a horror story.

3-year warranty

With so many great features it is reassuring that the Zodiac VX55 comes with a 3-year manufacturing defects warranty. This gives you peace of mind that all the features of your robotic pool cleaner will work when you buy it. It also covers breakdowns within the first three years caused by manufacturing defects. Therefore, you are assured you’re buying a quality product guaranteed by the manufacturer.


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