The Best Swimming Pool Pumps in 2023 in South Africa

The Best Swimming Pool Pumps in 2023 in South Africa

Swimming pool pumps are supposed to last you about 6 to 10 years, thereafter you need to replace them with a newer, more efficient pump. With all the available and diverse products on the market, choosing the best pool pump to suit your specific needs can be a daunting process. To make this process easier for you, here are a few pointers that will guide you towards finding the best-suited pool pump according to the attributes you value the most. 

Types of Pool Pumps

Single-Speed pool pump 

For the person with a smaller budget and who needs something easy to use.

Single-speed pumps, as the name explains, only work at a single and constant speed. In terms of the upfront purchasing price, this type of pump is by far considered the most inexpensive option. In terms of maintenance and ease of use, single-speed pool pumps follow a simple process. Once they are wired and plumbed to the pool it is as simple as switching it on and off. They run for about 8 hours a day and should be able to turn over your pool’s entire volume at least once.

Variable-Speed pool pump

For the person prioritising maximum efficiency and low energy cost.

A variable-speed pump gives you complete control over circulation, optimal cleaning, speed and energy efficiency. You can lower the motor’s RPMs to the minimum speed required for water turn-over to maintain your pool equipment. This is considered the most expensive type of pool pump, but it is also the most cost-effective long-term option. Since it can circle almost double as much water as a single-speed pump at the same amount of energy use, you can cut associated energy costs up to 90%.

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing a Pool Pump

The Size of Your Pool

If you want to know exactly how powerful your pool pump needs to be, you can either use an online pool pump calculator or do the calculations yourself. If you choose the latter, start by dividing the capacity of your pool by 24, which will indicate the amount of water that needs to be circulated hourly for a single turnover in a day. To determine the per-minute rate, divide this number by 60. Then choose a pump that can circulate at least that many litres of water per hour.

Recommended pumps for home swimming pools that take up to 55 000L include:

Swemgat Swimflo self-priming pool pump 220V

Energy Efficiency

The mentioned types of pool pumps are remarkably different in terms of energy efficiency. For instance, single-speed pumps are cheaper to purchase, but variable-speed pumps counter this advantage by ultimately paying for themselves in energy savings. Since variable-speed pumps are programmable, you can just let them run at a slower and more efficient speed during downtimes when the pool is not being used and does not require cleaning.

The current most popular swimming pool pumps in South Africa are the Quality Superflo branded self-priming pool pumps. Since 2021, a brand new and improved version of this pump, the Superflo2 / Swimflo, is rapidly growing popular due to its improved electrical efficiency, lower running noise and improved cooling dynamics.


Keep in mind that both above or inground pool pumps ideally need to run more than 8 hours every day in order to perform optimally. This just proves that they need to be rugged and hard-wearing in terms of materials used. It is common for pool pumps to feature a durable stainless steel motor with built-in fans that ensure a cool temperature. Advised pump housing consists of high-grade plastic that can withstand the harsh chemicals present in both chlorine and saltwater swimming pools.

If you are an eco-conscious consumer and have the means to support the environment by opting for a fully recyclable and durable pool pump, you might want to consider the following: 

Swemgat Pool pump - Baracuda Titan2 Single Speed 0.75kW

Swemgat Pool pump - Baracuda Titan2 ECO Variable Speed

Filter Compatibility

An inground pool has 3 filter options: cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth (DE). Most pumps should work with all of the above-mentioned filter types, but it is advised to examine compatibility before you decide on a specific pump. Filters also have a maximum flow rate based on their type and size.

Filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If there is a good chance for large particles and debris to enter the pump, the recommended pump due to its clever impeller and pump casing design would be:

Rapid pump/Eartheco 230V|Swimming pool pump for large debris

Noise Level

Swimming pool pumps usually run between 65 and 90 decibels. Most newer pumps have provided solutions for quiet operation at the low end of this range within their designs. If a pump has a fully enclosed motor, it will decrease the noise level tremendously, with decibel levels in the 40s - which can be compared to the noise level of a refrigerator. After all, a noisy pump can be a nuisance. 

Top recommended pumps when it comes to least noise, reliability and efficiency: 

Swemgat Pool pump - Baracuda Titan2 Single Speed 0.75kW

Swemgat Pool pump - Baracuda Titan2 ECO Variable Speed

People also ask:

What are the best brands of pool pumps?

Some of the most popular pool pump brands are Quality, Baracuda, Zodiac, Rapid and Speck 

Which pool pump is better: Quality vs Swimflo?

When comparing two of the frontrunners in the pool-pump industry, Swimflo is nowadays the overall preferred pool pump brand in South Africa. Swimflo might still have a lower percentage market share in comparison to Quality pumps, but the longer manufacturer’s warranty is an indication of high longevity. Pump performance and shorter installation time due to fitted barrel unions supplied with each Swimflo-pump, make it an obvious choice.

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